Local Commerce on an API
The structured data you need to build the apps you want.

  1. Ordx' commerce platform provides highly structured sites operating, menu and inventory data required to power transactional applications. More than 100M data elements drawn constantly from merchant POS', shopping carts, marketplaces and more make Ordrx the source of record for transactional data.


Ordrx processes millions of data updates each day, pulled from dozens of systems merchant use to process customer orders. We then make that giant transaction-ready data available to anyone to build new applications. Not only is this data hyper accurate but applications can submit transactions that merchants will receive and fulfill...from coast to coast. 


By creating a common data language for local commerce we make it easy for merchants and consumers to engage and transact. The time to launch ecommerce apps or assets drops from months to hours, and a world of innovation is made possible.