This weekend, some of our favorite uber-talented developers participated in the Hackfood Invitational. In a single day, apps ranging from a refrigerator hardware hack to the world's angriest ice cream cone were built and demoed. It was a fantastic day of pure creativity backed by some delicious eats from and Peels. Read all about it in Pando Daily

Hackfood the Hackathon (TM) is only the lead up to our even more exciting news -- we are thrilled to announce the launch of Hackfood, our v2.0 developer portal. Expanded documentation, helper libraries and modules that reduce the time to First Hello World from days or weeks to hours.  Developers can use the full flexibility of our APIs or rely on cut and paste modules that auto-generate functionality, like rendering restaurant lists and menus.

Our mission is to vastly expand the number of ways restaurants and consumers engage and transact. Our developer tools and API are key to this. We are not an app; we are an enabling technology on which generations of apps will be built.

Our thanks to all the great developers who test-drove Hackfood this weekend. We look forward to much brilliance to come!