Today we are excited to unveil an all-new website and a major expansion of our services. Individual restaurants can now sign up with to get their own web, Facebook and (soon) mobile food ordering apps. 


These services give restaurants the same control over their online menu and ecommerce that major chains and food ordering portals have.  And best of all, our built-in advertising network means every restaurant client will be promoted to hungry diners across thousands of websites, hotels and online newspapers, food blogs and more. Not only will restaurants get discovered on this advertising network; customers can order right then and there. 

Giving restaurants more ways to find customers and turn them into happy diners is our mission. We are are a platform to engage customers everywhere, not just another app. Unprecedented power for restaurants -- a major boost in online marketing power. 

Earlier this week we launched our new developer portal with tools that make it easy to build new food ordering applications. The technical creativity of software engineers can now be focused on helping restaurants get more orders. And by enabling a whole new generation of online food ordering apps, makes you less dependent on one or a handful of powerful marketing services. We are an enabler of online ordering, not a controller. 

Stay tuned for a series of amazing announcements over the next few weeks. This is an exciting time to be involved with, and an exciting time for us to be involved with restaurants.