When I attended my first API conference in 2010 the audience was small, super techy and asking more questions than offering answers. Everything was new and the scope of impact APIs would have was imagined, but not yet realized. Since then I have watched the API community get larger, smarter and stronger.

Last week I attended and spoke at Mashery's excellent Business of APIs conference in London. I was blown away by the quality of talks given. It was a real coming of age moment for the community. APIs unlocking corporate data to empower employees; APIs used for strategic purposes to redefine value in an industry; APIs enabling efficient international expansion; and much more.

I spoke on the power of APIs to act as a catalyst for successful business partnerships, calling APIs the most important advance in the science of business development I've ever seen. When I put together my talk I was struck that my own experience is such that I can give a do's and don't talk.

The slightly modified presentation here and please share your thoughts. This community has come so far so fast because companies like Mashery have gotten us all talking. The more we share the better we all will be.