We built Ordr.in because we wanted to empower developers to create the next generation of food ordering apps. Our APIs allow you to get restaurant and menu information, manage users and, of course, order food. Dinner from your command line? Lunch out of a Hipchat window? Not just cool; with Ordr.in you can build a real business.

Today we launched an Ordr.in course on Codecademy, teaching developers how to use APIs for commerce with Ordr.in as the curriculum. Ricky Robinett, Ordr.in’s chief hacker and head of API products, will walk you through building a simple food ordering app with Ruby. Not only will you build something cool, but when you build apps with Ordr.in we will pay you a commission for each order. How awesome is that?  Mega awesome.

We love our friends at Codecademy for training and encouraging a new generation of developers, and we so appreciate being included in their tutorial program. Please check out the tutorial, email us at Hackfood@ordr.in, play with the APIs. We are here to help and celebrate what you build. Thanks.