Terms and conditions are not sexy, but they matter. They establish the rules of the road for how we work together. But wading through pages of legalese is confusing, exhausting and pointless. How many of us really understand all the reps and warranties?


We share your pain.  You hate (or avoid) reading T’s and C’s, and we hate writing them. So we made it easier. A crack team of editors armed with sharpies, Mountain Dew and a deep-rooted hatred of verbosity slashed the length of our terms more than 25%. We then added a cliff notes version of the terms most developers care about in plain english:


  • -   Be good. Don’t spam, steal or cheat your users or Ordr.in. 

  • -   Don’t pretend to be Ordr.in or use our name or brand in anyway that might confuse someone. 
  • -   Don’t reshare Ordr.in content. We are providing this data and capabilities to you.

  • -   You’ll get paid. When you connect a Venmo account to your Ordr.in developer key we will pay you 30% of the commission revenue we earn for each order that comes from your app. 
  • -   Use the customer service info provided so your customers know where to call with problems.
  • -   Before going live your app must be reviewed for quality, compliance and brand. We will connect your app to Venmo then. Submit it to hackfood@ordr.in. We are usually very quick about this.


Our lawyer will kill us if we don’t add this disclaimer: the bullets do not replace or supersede the full services agreement. But they sure do help. :-)