Most people think selling technology to restaurants (or any small business) means convincing the customer your technology will make them money or save them time. That is only half right.

New products and services take time to learn and manage, and cost money. And often your service, no matter how revolutionary, will quickly be categorized in their head: reward customers, manage employees, track money, etc. And you know what? They already have a product or system to address the pain point you’re attacking.  Even if it is just a punch card or old school POS.

Your job is not convincing someone your service is great. But it is so great it is worth the hassle of dropping their old process and taking on your system. And even if your product is truly different, human beings (especially small business owners) can handle only a small number of services. Selling to restaurants is about displacing these entrenched solutions and behaviors.

Next time you sell to a restaurant, don’t just ask about the specific pain point you address. Ask about the other pain points they use technology for. See how many tech services they use and which they depend on. Those services, even if they address totally different problems, are your competition, too.