Built on the Ordr.in platform, FoodieToGo is an easy to use food ordering app built by the mobile experts at SourceFuse. The app integrates Yelp to provide restaurant ratings and reviews to help you find your perfect meal. Launching last week for Android, the team plans to make FoodieToGo available for iOS and Windows Mobile as well. We asked FoodieToGo co-creator Kabir Chandhoke to share a bit more about the app.


What problem does this app solve for it's users?

FoodieToGo makes it dead simple for users to order food online using their mobile phones. Simply enter your delivery address, choose a restaurant, order and pay using your credit card.

What inspired you to create this app?

We loved the idea of an open API and wanted to showcase our skills as a cross platform mobile development team - this was the perfect opportunity.

What technologies did you use?

For building the front end we used Sencha Touch 2. There is some server code written in CAKE PHP and we use MongoDB caching to make menus load faster for our users.