There is a trailer on the side of the road in Cypress, TX surrounded by fast food restaurants and gas stations. You could drive by it if you didn’t know what you were looking for. And what are you looking for? Close your eyes and take a whiff. It’s mouth watering, fall-off-the-bone barbecue.

Trent Brooks, the man behind it all, has been cooking for customers since 2009. He got started with the barbecue business by accident, initially just to earn a little extra income. Most days now he runs out of food before he runs out of customers. But as you might expect from a man who cooks his meat for hours and hours, Trent’s taking a measured approach to the future. He wants to continue with his trailer for a few more years before he even thinks about branching out to share his barbecue with the rest of the country.

Trent is one of 14,101 restaurants that use software in some fashion. We love Brooks Place and all of our clients. And if our staff could vote on the location of our next team off-site, I suspect Cypress, TX on the corner of Barker Cypress and Rt. 529 would get a lot of votes. Trent, we’re hungry!

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