Last weekend Jason Teplitz, former intern & genius evangelist represented at Cal Hacks. Huge shout out to the organizers! There were over 1,500 hackers there, and the event was amazing. Smoooooth runnings. Here are some of the coolest hacks built on

  • Spazz4fudz, the winner of best use of the API, orders food Twitch Plays Pokemon style. Fight against your friends, by mashing on the arrow keys to force the penguin towards the restaurant that you like. Once the penguin hits a restaurant, you can order food from it with the widget. Check out the video. 

  • SmartBox was a physical box that could detect your mood and respond to requests. Among those requests: “Order me food” would launch the widget.
  • KnapSack is an iOS app that remembers your budget and location so that you can order a randomized meal within your price range at the press of a button. Gold star to Shreyas Kalyan who, while working on Knapsack, upgraded the swift library to be compatible with the newest version of Xcode.
  • OrderBot allows you to text a number with your food request and it would order it for you. Natural language processing, SMS, and food. Yum!
  • feedMe saves all your information and picks a random restaurant near you. At the press of a button you can either order a randomized meal from that restaurant, or order an uber to take you there. For most of the team this was their first webapp. We were pumped that they chose to learn webdev on the API.

Nearly half of these hacks were built using the widget, which is now new and improved thanks to Polina.  Enjoy the cool pics, especially the LIGHTSABRES we gave out as prizes.  Can’t wait to see what people build with it at HackRU this weekend!