Seriously. A bionic unicorn with a rainbow tail. And we have our developer Polina Viro to thank.


Our embeddable widgets adds a menu just like you'd add a youtube video - with a few lines of javascript and html. You can let your users to either search for a restaurant - either with or without a default address, or go directly to ordering from a restaurant specified by the restaurant ID.

The new widget allows for selecting which restaurant to order from: you can now input your address and check out the list of all restaurants that potentially deliver to your location (as well as see which ones are open and closed at the given time). In addition, if you’re embedding the widget, you may choose to prefill the delivery address for your customer. In that case, you’re immediately taken to the restaurant select page (with an option to change the delivery address).

Second, there is now a single widget. Old-timers will remember how there were two widgets - one for mobile, and one for web views. Now there is a single, responsive widget in the place of the two - the mobile view being activated for widths under 810px, and the web view for anything wider than that.

Thanks, Polina!