The great joy of a platform business is seeing what gets built on it. What cool, unique, innovative, hysterical, powerful applications are brought to life. Just a small sample is on our app gallery. We especially love the explorers who go off the beaten track.

We've been interested in the distinctly different UI presented by Windows 8 and how that affects the food ordering experience. Recently we worked with a restaurant chain and an agency to explore just this. What's the best UI? Who is the customer for a desktop food ordering app - is it a corporate customer? Is it hungry folks? As far as we know, there aren't *any* desktop order apps for any OS so it's a bit of an experiment!


A few weeks ago we launched v1.0 in the Windows app store. So far the results have been good. Several hundred installs and a small number of reviews, though all five stars (humble brag J). We are collecting feedback and will launch v1.1 and with it we will open source the code.  In the meantime we would love the Microsoft community to install the app, order food and send us your thoughts to