Pizza The App is an app for ordering pizza at the tap of a button. It makes ordering a pizza delivery as easy as ordering a Lyft or Uber. You create your pizza, and we route your order to our network of hand-picked local pizzerias.


What inspired you to create this app?

We were hungry in our kitchen late one night! We were like, “there should be a button for ordering pizza!”


What was the hardest moment building it?

We’ve got work cut out, so maybe our hardest moment is ahead of us :)

One of our ongoing challenges is being as reliable as possible, so we never have to turn down a customer who’s in the mood for some ‘zza. We have a network of hand-picked, highly rated pizzerias, and we’ve built a fallback system so that if a restaurant is closed or non-responsive, we route your order to another awesome local pizzeria. has been instrumental here.

We call our software stack PaaS (Pizza as a Service) - read the blog post!


How did it evolve (if at all!) from how you thought of it at the beginning to what you've launched?

It’s gotten even simpler - fewer screens, faster loading, less input needed from the user. We’re having fun seeing how far we can push this, how easy & fun we can make it to order a pizza.


What's next for the app?

We are super focused on pizza. It’s a food people love - it’s popular, delicious, shareable, and open late.

We’re constantly listening to users to find ways of making the experience even easier, more reliable, and more widespread.


What technologies and APIs did you use?

Besides, we’ve had a great relationship with Stripe, Google, Twilio, Heroku, Sendgrid, and GitHub. PizzaTheApp would not exist if not for these awesome services! This is the problem Google founder Sergey Brin wanted to solve in the 90’s, but was too difficult then so they did Google instead :)


How can people check out the app or get in touch if they want to find out more?

Want pizza? Visit -->

Find us on Snapchat/Twitter: @PizzaTheApp