Hospitality tech has been a laggard for many years. Complex merchant ownership structures; legacy property management solutions; notoriously long sales cycles and small budgets; minimal coordination between properties, business units and corporate… A mess. Marriott has over 20 mobile apps, some with no reviews and others with just 3 stars.

Meta search like TripAdvisor already control much of discovery; GDS’ control a big chunk of the booking market. Customers are perfectly happy getting their info and booking their rooms through intermediaries. Hotels, though, are paying a price. When you don't satisfy consumer need someone else will. 

The next frontier is on-premise experiences. This is the world in which operations like Order Inn have provided outsourced room service, and the local pizza shop buys key cards with their phone number on it. Companies that write code laugh, but those solutions have stood the test of time.

Analog industry after analog industry has fallen to technology. The hospitality world is falling to technology. Today 90% of U.S. adults have a smartphone. If my hotel won't give me services in the way I want them, I will stay elsewhere or use an alternate service provider. Check out Alice App and Travelnuts

Hotels, when all you do is provide a bed, will that feel like a missed opportunity? Will you pay others to provide the services you once did with less cost and more control? Change is always coming.