think Facebook drives more business than Google.  Really?

According to the recent survey 38% of restaurant ecommerce providers said Facebook drives more business than Google.  But when asked why they use Facebook, 60% said it was for customer service.  How is it that a tool most people use to help existing customers is driving more sales than a tool designed to acquire new customers?

It is true that good customer services can generate more business, but so much business that is is more important than acquisition? I think that the survey results are more based on feeling than fact.  Facebook marketing is new- it is hard to track results or prove incrementality. Most people know the value of a new customer.  But how do you prove that the Facebook conversation you had with a customer led to more orders? 

Connecting communication to transaction is the next frontier in Facebook.  There are very few opportunities to transact within the platform (at least opportunities for real goods, not virtual goods).  The companies that bring their customers over the divide from social engagement to social transaction will truly know whether Facebook drives more business than Google.