We love hackathons because they hit at our primary mission: unleash creativity on the restaurant industry. This hackathon did not disappoint. We had apps for restaurant discovery, apps for restaurant order management (our first B2B app- super cool!) and the winning app- Bite Control.

Bite Control allows users to select a menu item they want to order and then roughly track their daily calorie burn until the “cost” of eating that item is covered. You can add friends who monitor your progress and get a nifty celebratory notification when your calorie goal is met. 

What caught our attention was that Bite Hunter is a fully realized social app with real utility. It turns a mental exercise into commerce. Not only did Bite Hunter win the Ordr.in prize but it took second place overall.

Our thanks to Mashery for hosting the hackathon and especially to Marianne Bellotti who built the app. Marianne has the distinction of being a two time Ordr.in App winner. The Ordr.in team always get pumped when we see her on the registration list. 

If you have ideas for hacks, especially photo related hacks in advance of Photo Hackday II, let us know!