Everyone sells.You have a company, you are selling to staff, clients, vendors, investors.  Sometimes you even need to sell yourself.  But often overlooked is selling a community.  A loose collection of fellow travelers who may not have any interest in what you are doing, or even be aware you exist.  This community can be one part support network, one part deal flow.   I encourage every business out there to be active in relevant communities. You never know what will come of it, but when you are tapped in to an active community, only good things will flow.

I met with the good folks at eRoundtable in NYC (eroundtable.net) and got to pitch their community.  I learned a lot, got good feedback and have formed connections that I never would have made.  I even have a good client in the pipeline that I met there.  One startup I met has really cool technology that saved me $50 on a car rental.  Autoslash.com- there is no better way to rent a car ever. 

eRoundatable profiled us (under our old Naama Networks brand) on their website.  I recommend every business at every stage take time to build community like this. Thanks Murat and the team at eRoundtable for the opportunity.