Ordr.in is a DogPatch Labs startup in the online food ordering space. We aggregate local food ordering websites, normalize their content and make that content and the ability to transact with it available through an API.

We are hiring a summer intern to work with us to improve the open API and show off the cool things that can be done with it. Our summer intern will spend the summer building web and mobile apps from this API, improving and documenting the code and supporting clients who are using it. Attracting others to the API through demos and community outreach is possible for the right candidate.

This is a great opportunity for a highly motivated person who wants to build a serious portfolio of accomplishments and grow a personal network in the tech community. Best candidates will have:

  • Passion for working with web and mobile applications; creative and motivated to learn. Must enjoy challenges and problem solving.
  • Working knowledge of REST, JSON, XML, Web Services and object-oriented techniques
  • Demonstrated design, development, coding, and testing of mobile applications on the iPhone and Android platform
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills with the ability to document developer guide for other developers to use
  • Ability to generate code samples and sample applications

Strong software design, coding, and unit testing skills We will give wide latitude to pursue applications interesting to you- all we ask is that you work hard, produce interesting things and make the API and the developer experience with the API better every week. For the right candidate we’ll make this part-time. Think of it like a summer-long hack-a-thon with a paycheck.