Today is thrilled to announce that our API and white-label apps for restaurants are integrated with the Facebook timeline. Customers using tools will be able to “crave” favorite menu items, and publish what they crave and order to their timeline and friends’ news feeds. 

In 1997 people wondered if shopping online would ever be mainstream. Give my credit card to a website? Uh…. And in 2005 the idea of using your phone for commerce was far, far from mainstream. Still today, socially integrated shopping — especially inside Facebook — is hotly debated. 

It shouldn’t be.

Shopping is one of the most inherently social things we do. We buy for each other, with each other. Friend recommendations are powerful drivers of purchase behavior. Social commerce is already all around us. When social shopping rock star integrated with the timeline they saw Facebook referral traffic double

By introducing the first social dining app on Facebook that integrates restaurant delivery into the timeline, is excited to be on the cutting edge of making online shopping activities as social as they are offline.

Restaurants who want to get their own Facebook food ordering app can learn more here and pre-enroll here.  And if you have questions, contact us here.  

Friends and followers are nice. But at we give local restaurants the tools to find, engage and transact with customers. By adding food ordering to the Facebook timeline, restaurants can give their customers a way to bring their restaurant dining experiences to life online. 

Today’s announcement is a great step forward for restaurants and for