When the summer started I blogged about the great interns we recruited and our hopes for them. Turns out they exceeded our hopes. Jason, Joanne, Michael and Susie. An amazing bunch. I asked Joanne to write about her experience, what she learned and how she feels. Her words (barely edited) are below.


It’s a familiar routine now, march past Beecher’s and through the glass doors and into the clunky elevator, wait for a couple minutes, and greet the wood panels of the office on the 7th floor.

This, I am leaving.

In a day, I’ll be heading back home to cornfields and gas stations so I wanted to say a lot of things in this blog post, share what I’ve done, lessons I’ve learned. But I’d rather say one thing that will stick. So here it is:

I’ve learned here what it means to be part of a team. 

At Ordr.in, all of us believe this company will really change the restaurant industry. We are committed and passionate, motivated by the vision and encouraged by good company. All oars are in and we’re rowing hard and fast.

But we also get away from those devilish little monitors that can box us off to grab and eat lunch together, share good stories together, update everyone on our work together. 

We stop to celebrate finished projects, closed deals, awesome ideas and acknowledge the people behind them. (And when I say celebrate, I don’t mean a casual “hey nice job” I mean pull-out-all-the-stoppers celebrate).

We gather to talk about ideas, product visions, or a new phase in product development. There are spontaneous ice cream runs, ping pong games, and heated competitions over Google Doodle. It’s really great fun. But we also work hard and the combination of work, fun and acknowledgement is what makes this ship sail. We created a website about our internships for future interns.

Thanks team for teaching me how fun and rewarding it is to be part of a team. 

I am sad to leave. Truly. 


We will miss you, too, and all the interns. We are very proud to have all of you in the Ordr.in family.