We’re pretty much data fanatics at Ordr.in. It’s a calling. We finally decided to put our data nerd-dom to good use: Check out our first infographic, Foursquare in the Big Apple. Over one month, we tracked checkins, new visits and tips at 618 NYC restaurants using the Foursquare venues API. And when the data was in, we turned it over to the ever talented Susie Forbath, our design intern.

The process gleaned some useful and sometimes surprising information to help restaurants better understand their Foursquare customer base.

Some key takeaways

  • NYC restaurants receive on average 9 check ins from Foursquare users each day.
  • On average, Manhattan restaurants get more Foursquare check ins each week than the other four NYC boroughs combined.
  • 61% of Foursquare check ins on Saturdays in NYC are from new customers; and Monday-Wednesday is slow for checkins but heavily from loyal, repeat customers.

You can see the Foursquare infographic and the full dataset. We’d love to hear your reactions in the comments below. And if anyone at Foursquare wants to give us access to the firehose… Jus’ saying.