I am very excited to announce that Google Ventures has invested in Ordr.in.  They led a seed round that included Ludlow Ventures and select angels. 

Some companies celebrate investment as if the goal of the startup is to raise, rather than earn money.  And some startups consider raising money a defeat, as though the inability to accomplish their dreams through bootstrapping is a personal failing. Ordr.in doesn’t fall in to either of these camps. 

We consider raising money to be one a million business decisions that is neither good nor bad by itself.  The value (or lack) comes from what we do with the decision.  Can we do more faster if we raise?  Does the complexity of managing an investor outweigh the value of their money? 

Every time we’ve thought about raising we ask these questions and many more.  So when Google Ventures offered to invest we didn’t make a knee jerk reaction.  We thought about it over night and said yes.  This is not just any investor; this is Google. 

Google Ventures is full of super smart people who have done amazing things, built amazing companies.  They have a front row seat to all that Google is doing and see the lion’s share of other startups.  Having them on our team is worth far more than the money.  Felix and I could not be more thrilled and flattered to have Google Ventures on our team.