This blog post on the hackNY hackathon is late. My bad. Such an awesome event deserves a faster post but we got waaay busy. The event was really amazing. 

We’ve always been huge fans of these hackathons but HackNY surpassed all expectations. About 20% of the hacks used our API, and considering all the popular APIs represented- Foursquare, Twitter, Boxee, Aviary… it was very gratifying to see used so well.

The students killed it with creativity.  Couch Potato to let you order food while watching TV (a side-by-side watching and ordering experience); FoodRoulette to auto-generate your order (lots of ChatRoulette jokes but the hack was seriously good); and even a Command Line Interface app for the developers- it lets you order from the command prompt.  I honestly didn’t understand what the developer was talking about until he showed me. 

One of the reasons we started was to unleash creativity on the restaurant industry and what we’ve seen so far are indications that it’s in huge demand.

A big round of thanks to the organizers of hackNY.  They’ve created a major force in the NYC tech scene and we’re truly indebted.  And another round of thanks to all the student teams who participated, especially those who used