Last night the missus and I had date night at one of Brooklyn’s best new restaurants: Colonie. The lighting was warm but not bright, the noise happy but not loud. And when we walked along the bar we were met halfway by a host carrying a tablet. He tapped us on to the wait list, gave an estimate for when a table would be ready and suggested a drink at the bar.  

This was a terrific blend of high tech and high touch. The host came to us, met us without a barrier host stand. The tablet unlocked the host from a podium so he could engage more personably. Tech didn’t replace human hospitality. Tech enabled it.

I’ve seen plenty of tablets in restaurants. Usually bolted to the host stand. The genius of the tablet- mobility- totally lost. Sure, tablets can be helpful to staff but like everything in a restaurant, technology should be helpful guests. At Colonie the tablet was more than a glorified POS. It enabled delivery of better guest service. A graceful welcome set the right tone for the wonderful evening. High tech, high touch.