The restaurant industry is buzzing about social media marketing.  What are you doing on Facebook?  How often do you tweet?  Have you tried a Groupon or Living Social offer?  I was at a trade show recently and everyone seemed to think the world was different, that restaurants were getting left behind.  But folks, nothing has changed.  We just have new tools to do what we’ve always done - engage customers. 

Remember your first website?  The first time you sent a kid out with five hundred door knockers?   Somethings worked, others did not.  You played around with your site and your flyers, or whatever.  But we all figured it out.  Social media is just another way to engage your customers.  Like a more dynamic comment card.  It can be intimidating to think this is a whole new world, but really it is just the next iteration of the old world.  Don’t get overwhelmed, get on it.