When I was a young MBA student, pre-internet companies were diving to get online. new companies, pure play e-tailers, were generating tons of buzz and millions in sales. People asked whether ecommerce would “win”. I was never sure what winning would look like but the turmoil was fun, exciting and ripe with opportunity.

Years later it is hard to remember there was ever a fight between off and online commerce. Online, for the vast majority of consumer businesses, is a powerful channel that has shaped (in some cases totally disrupted) whole industries.  Travel, consumer electronics, apparel… can you imagine these industries without online sales channels? Neither can Starwood, BestBuy or The Gap.

Today I am starting to hear some of the same rumbles I heard in 1998. But instead of ecommerce, the new buzz is social commerce. Social shopping, with Likes and refer-a-friends driving traditional retail- on and offline. But obviously we’re still early in the buzz word life cycle because you still hear most people say “no one buys anything on Facebook”.  Seems social might be a tool, but not a medium or channel. Bull Sh*t.

We launched Facebook food ordering app today and are embedded many of the social features in all of our other open source apps. We firmly believing that social commerce is the next great wave of commerce and will create whole new companies and billions of dollars in corporate wealth.

When? Not today. Today is the beginning. But as social functionality and the social graph are leveraged to create faster, smarter shopping experiences (and not just badges and Likes) we will all wonder what life was like before. Industries will change, rise and fall. And then one day social will become part of the normal conversation like ecommerce. At Ordr.in we are excited to be part of this conversation.