A popular theme on this blog is the glorious hackathon. Unbridaled creativity and problem solving leading to *BOOM*! This weekend is Photo Hackday 2 ( #PHD2), Led by our friends and Aviary and sponsored by Nokia.  And it is a big one.  Simultaneous events in NYC and Berlin, $10,000 in prizes, 200 developers signed up… 36 hours of awesomeness.

Our prize, for the best hack on the Ordr.in API, is a remote controlled helicopter with a video camera in the nose.  You heard right. A remote controlled ‘copter with video. Check it out. I’ll wait.  *whistle* Believe me now? Uh huh.   

So while you are scratching your head wondering what could possibly win the helicopter and maybe, just maybe, the grand prize, I offer these ideas:

Visual Food Ordering. Flip through images of different cuisines and dishes to find a specific restaurant or item to order. A totally new way to think about the experience.

See it, Order it. Using the Foodspotting API to find exactly what you crave…and then click to order. Want a burger? Here are the five burgers that can be delivered to you.

#trendingdinner. App that looks for trending mentions on twitter for dinner suggestions that you can order with a click. Then add to the thread with a pic of your meal.

Photodiary of dinner. A visual calendar of all the meals you’ve eaten in a year. Click to reorder the meals that were delivered.

Just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Any others? Add them here. And hopefully see you Saturday.