Restaurant professionals will want to take notice of this one: Quick Serve Leader has a write up of the new online food ordering app for the Facebook timeline. The key takeaway is that the restaurant technology we’re hard at work on building is really the future of online food ordering.

The article points to our new Facebook timeline app, ready-made for restaurants to plug into their Facebook page to serve current customers and attract new ones, as a breakthrough marketing and branding tool for local restaurants.

Also mentioned in the article is the discouraging reality that restaurants are often sorely pressed to keep finding new customers, and the struggle to know where to put marketing dollars to attract new customers can be a significant challenge. Quick Serve Leader sees the partner network as a big win that helps restaurants “access a typically hard-to-reach customer group” without a lot of effort.

And yes, as we’re quoted, is indeed “thinking very big.” Quick Serve Leader dives into some of the features and new tools our API makes possible – check out the full article to find out more.