The Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association annual convention just wrapped up.  At a time when the press focuses on giant trade events like the Consumer Electronics Show, or the National Restaurant Association annual show, this is a reminder that size and relevance do not go hand in hand. 

Attendees heard from leaders in the restaurant delivery industry and the head of F&B from Bally’s Hotel, got several generally helpful presentations from vendors such as myself, and participated in breakout sessions on topics from restaurant management to social media.  They debated different  menu guide printing styles and how to leverage tip policy to retain their best drivers.  I know, not exactly the release of the next i-whatever, but exactly what attendees need to succeed.  Relevance, not size.

A big congrats and thank you to the RMDA board, especially President Ron Patel.  There are no professional staff here, just operators who care, share, and go the extra mile.  They put on a show that matters to those who attend.  If you didn’t go this year, go next year.  It won’t be wasted time.