Restaurant websites are atrocious, POS systems antique, and twitter accounts inactive. Managing inventory is often done with color coded stickers on boxes. Customer feedback is collected via a literal fishbowl on the hostess stand. Catering orders confirmed with word docs faxed from greasy machines. I could go on.

But despite of all this people who think restaurants and technology don’t mix are wrong. Change is coming. And coming fast.

In the old world, Restaurant employees were not at desks and therefore had no easy access to computers. No access to computers, little understanding or direct experience. But today most restauranteurs have a computer in their pocket and more and more are of the tech generation. They know what works and what is quality, and as they grew up in the business they get to call the shots.

Tablet POS and better ecommerce apps are starting to emerge.  Table top ordering, smart CRM, social media engagement….All on the rise. Who do you think has more Facebook fans- the world’s most popular soccer team (Barcelona) or the world’s most popular coffee shop (Starbucks)? By more than 2M fan, Starbucks kicks Barcelona’s a**.

Restaurants + Tech? Yes.