I was listening to an interview with Steve Blank, one of the true gurus of Silicon Valley.  He crystallized so many issues in tight, digestible ways.  I sent three tweets with the highlights but could have sent 10x that many.

Albert Pujols hits better than anyone on the planet.  Barak Obama gives speeches like nobody’s business.  And Steve Blank knows how to grow a startup tech company.  I mean, of course the guy is smart.  He’s had more big exits than I’ll have starts.  But just this one nugget was worth the price of admission:

Silicon Valley is successful in part because people go there to build companies.  They leave their comfort zone and the support of friends and family.  The struggles are more manageable without having the easy comfort of a support network to distract you, lure you off the path.

I never thought NOT having a ready support network could be helpful but his perspective makes sense.  Starting a company is hard.  If you have easy ways out, or easy ways to feel less of the struggle, you will risk less and learn less.  You will probably succeed less. 

100 more interesting bits.  Check it out at http://bit.ly/lPbtSv