I am a non-technical guy, know just enough about architecture and code to be dangerous. But I love Stack Overflow, err, Stack Exchange (stackexchange.com).  Without a doubt the best Q&A site on the web.  Most of it is waaay over my head but the level of community engagement and care is outstanding. 

  • Why float.NaN != double.NaN in C#? Got three answers in minutes.
  • Which is the safest way to get root privileges: sudo, su or login?  Got 8 answers within an hour. 
  • What to do with day-old cooked rice?  Got nine responses and a polite redirect to a sub-board for cooking?  Thanks to Stack Overflow I know what to do with my old rice and why it could kill me.  Serious- check it out:  http://ur.ly/FNd4 #cooking

And none of that “your answer sux” or “you don’t know crap” garbage that pollutes so many community boards.  Serious, helpful, committed stuff.  None of the posing I see on Quora.  I wish I knew more code so I could participate.  

A few observations about the community building lessons: 

1. relevance.  can’t be all things to all people.

2. moderation.  don’t let the creeps dominate.

3. easy.  easy to join, easy to find, fun to be part.

Anything missing?