Online you can check the weather in Ulan Bator, buy handcrafts from Darjeeling, chat with college students in Lilongwe. We live in a connected global world, but too often we build businesses market by market. 

There are real problems like language and currency issues, and fake problems like “investors will think we are distracted”. Deal with the first, have a tight story for the second, and do what is right for your business. We all have problems to overcome in our businesses- we choose which are worth tackling and which to avoid. Global issues should be judged the same way.

Are there exception? Of course. Dave McClure (an investor in leads startup class trips all over the world. Terrific startups from other countries apply to TechStars, YC and other incubators. One of my favorite designers (@liisupets) is Estonian, though I worked with her in NYC and she now has a startup in Chile. But those are exceptions.

I just gave an interview to Escape Velocity podcast based in Dublin. The conversation could have easily taken place at a coffee shop in NYC. Same issues, same customer and business challenges. We just signed a partner in Canada, another in Puerto Rico. The value holds up regardless of borders. You should build businesses with the same scale in mind.