Most companies fight each other on price or product. Price is easy- sell the same thing for less. I will blog about price issues another time. Product can mean many things. A feature, service, delivery schedule… GM famously surpassed Ford by offering similars cars in different colors. They changed the product.

For the most part this kind of competition leads to incremental change. Company A offers a feature “new and improved”. But what happens when someone completely re-imagines what the customer wants? When one company changes the concept of the product? 

Corporate catering, a space largely dominated by traditional caterers and delivery services, is undergoing that kind of change. Companies like ZeroCater,, and Eat Club, led by techies not caterers, are doing just that.

These startups understand that consumers are increasingly picky about online shopping- dated visual design and user experiences are out. The catering product they deliver is high-quality and geared toward a younger, foodie customer. The result? New and influential customers are excited, buzz is generated, growth is off the charts and they can charge a premium. Suddenly office catering is hot. 

If you’ve been doing corporate catering for years and think you have it figured out, ask yourself how a much of techies can go from $0 to $1M+ in sales in a year. Hell, is less than a year old and reportedly serving 40k meals EACH MONTH. You have to wonder how are these guys doing it. This isn’t the result of incremental change. It’s the result of entirely new thinking.