In olden times you accessed the internet from a fixed point - usually a chair in front of a desktop - and went to a fixed point - like AOL or Yahoo!  Data speed and reliability got better, and web-based products improved quickly. The internet took over our lives. Then wireless data speeds and availability jumped, and designers made products that worked great from a phone.  The mobile revolution was born.

Now we are on the cusp of a second mobile revolution that will redefine mobility.

More and more devices and services can be portals to your data and connect you to the things you want online.  TVs, kitchen appliances, your car and more. And more and more services are connected online, so you can access your stuff from more than one place online- I can check my personal finance and pay bills from half a dozen sites and apps. 

Some of these ideas have been talked about before- laughable attempts at building a refrigerator that auto-generates shopping lists- but that is not a failure of imagination; only a failure of product. The second revolution already has reliable internet access.  We just need to apply some brilliant product smarts. When the product folks figure it out this new revolution will make the first look weak. Anywhere, any thing, any how.