Summertime means two things: the cursed music of Mr. Softie and the blessed eagerness of interns. Of course I enjoy a good Mr. Softie as much than the next guy, but I looooove me some interns.  

This summer we have a great, great group of interns.  We are very excited.  Felix and I poured through dozens of resumes and tried to match up talent, skill, need and fit.  Fit is most important.  We’re going to be working late and long.  Definitely need people who can keep up with a smile, crank out work product and not be fazed by grunt work.  Of course, at our stage very little is grunt.  Pretty much everything is core.  

There is Gang, the iOS guy who is building an objective-c code library and iphone app.  Gang is a EE from NYU Poly who inteviewed via Skype while he was visiting China.  Even over the VoiP he was cool and smart and totally blew us away with his enthusiasm.  I think his favorite place in the world is the NYU Games Lab.  Ask him about it only if you have lots of time! 

Zain, the “all stack” guy who is focusing on JS and python libraries and probably a data visualization project.  We snatched him from an internship at the State Department.  America’s diplomatic loss is our gain.  Zain is a student at Wesleyan where he held tech roles for such organizations as the ACLU, and a local theater. By the end of this summer he’ll be a dedicated startup guy.  No question. 

And Max who will be our FB API guru.  We met Max through a summer program that places talented high school students with companies in NYC.  I was about to delete his resume when I Google him.  Very glad I took ten extra seconds.  Max is already thoughtful, accomplished and able to solve problems on the fly.  We made a mistake on the test assignment.  Unfazed he designed his own work around for our error and delivered on time. Love. It.

You will hear more about (and from) them as the summer rolls along.  And you will definitely see the result of their work.  Can’t wait!