Team coding is a way of life at some companies but we prefer to use it on a case by case basisIt works in some situations with some people. For the last week two of our interns have been team coding on a project. This is my first exposure to team coding and the results have been great- they’ve had a ton of fun and produced fast.  I asked @haubey and @jteplitz write about their experiences. I don’t agree with 100% of their conclusions but think it is a valuable perspective. Thanks Max and Jason for putting their thoughts on the blog!

From Max & Jason: Team coding is an essential part of any large project. You simply can’t work at the same speed and produce as good code if you work on your own. The problem is that not all teams can work together cohesively. You need to work together but not get in each other’s way. You should use version tracking like SVN or Git to ensure you don’t overwrite each other but at the end of the day communication is key.  Without it, there can be no team coding. You really need to plan out ahead of time what you are going to do and make sure everyone working on the project with you is on the same page. It’s a skill that most people don’t think computer programmer’s need to have, but it is actually extremely crucial. If you can make sure that everybody knows what to do and that there is a plan for connecting the dots than you will be amazed by the results that your team can produce. It’s good to have another member to code with because you can bounce ideas off each other so that you can have the best possible product when you’re finally finished.