A restaurant prospers or fails for a million reasons, but few are as powerful as location. And when looking for talent to staff our establishments- from servers to software developers- it is tempting to let geography guide our search as it does our store fronts. We recruit from the local college, the local Meetup, the friends of friends we can meet for coffee. But talent is a global community bounded only by the borders we impose. 

Today we are thrilled to welcome Luis Fabian to Ordr.in. Luis comes to us from Madrid (Spain) via the brilliant StepOne program, placing high quality Spanish devs with U.S. companies. Competition for these developer is fierce and we are excited to get one, doubly so to work with Luis.  

Luis has wide ranging experience, from big systems work at a major telecom to just about everything at a startup. In his spare time he built a paid traffic app for android that is very popular. And, until this year, has never missed an Atletico Madrid home game. 

We didn’t find Luis at a Meetup. Luis didn’t find us because of a friend of a friend. It was StepOne coupled with our deep belief that talent can be found anywhere that made this match. A great team getting better. Welcome, Luis!