I am really excited for intern season. This year we have four awesome students working with us. They’ll do good work, inject new energy and break the monotony of chatting with the same group of folks at lunch…oh…sorry guys. No offense.

Please join me in welcoming our summer intern class:

Jason Teplitz returns for his second summer at Ordr.in.  Jason will be a senior at Hopkins Prep in CT where he is student body president. Jason has been coding for years and wrote one of the most downloaded WebOS games ever.

Joanne Im forced us to hire her, and I mean that in the best sense.  We were not going to have a marketing intern until Joanne made such a powerful case that we had to say yes. Joanne will be a sophomore at Princeton.

Michael Lumish was referred to us by Google Ventures. GV screened hundreds of developer intern resumes.  When Google does your tech review you really, really have to know your stuff. He is at Carnegie Mellon.

Susie Forbath will be our design and product intern. We were wowed by her focus and blown away that she was TA a web design class and will TA another in the fall. She is a student at Cornell where she co-founded the User Experience club.

They are about to be very very busy (but also will have fun). If you want to reach out to them, email intern@ordrin.com