With total excitement I am thrilled to announce Ricky Robinett has joined our team as Senior Developer and head of APIs. It’s a great day for Ordr.in.

Ricky comes to us from TargetSpot, a company we deeply respect, but he is perhaps best known for his presence on the NY hackathon scene. He’s built everything from fakegirlfriend to worldoffourcraft, he and his team took the gold medal at the Hacker Olympics, and last month he was a judge at Hack the Midwest. In 24 hours Ricky churns out products, not just hacks. He’s a smart, effective, curious developer who makes everyone around him better. But also, Ricky is a really nice guy. 

Ordr.in has received many accolades but nothing gives us more satisfaction than the quality of people who choose to work here. Ricky joining our dev team is a great example of that. We look forward to all the terrific things we will do together.