Only in the tech community do people spend their weekends voluntarily doing, more or less, the exact same thing they get paid to do all week.  Time that could have been spent watching a ball game, sleeping, going to a movie…was instead spent in a conference room drinking beer, eating pizza, writing code.  All for an outside chance at a prize, round of applause, and to scratch a creative itch.

It was an ah ha moment that totally explained so much.  People in this community love what they do. It is personal, emotional and ingrained in the fabric of our little society. How else would we have the drive to build whole companies from thin air? 

This is why is so happy to sponsor and participate in hackathons of all types. We’ve made friends, learned about our products and business, and watched amazing things get built. I’ve been inspired by apps that had nothing to do with our code, thrilled when an app using our API got featured in Inc Magazine.

If you are in any way involved or curious about the tech world do yourself a favor and go to a hackathon. Build something, help a team, just hang out and make friends with the organizers. You’ll miss out on sleep but have more energy on Sunday afternoon than you did Saturday morning.