The big number from the National Restaurant Association’s infographic on restaurant tech is this: 36% of diners have ordered food online. Which means no matter how pretty a restaurant’s Facebook page or active their Twitter account, it won’t matter — not if they’re not integrating online ordering into their services. Their potential customer’s purchase has already been made. And restaurants without online ordering weren’t even in the running for their dollars.

People in sales know their ABCs: Always Be Closing. Don’t let the prospect think too long about the purchase, never let them walk away. But with the fast growing power of tech to interrupt your conversation with a customer, not to mention all the other restaurants on your street, the only sure way to own that customer is to get their order before someone else does.

When a customer sees your menu or reads a great review you are not done — you need to close. Get that order RIGHT then. You need to close…or someone else will.